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Classes through the American Heart Association (AHA) , ARC, & ASHI

Cardiox Care LLC opened its doors in December of 2020 in memory of Lawrence Ayala, a veteran that was loved by many who, after a long battle, passed earlier the same year.

After, Jonathan Ayala, a current co-owner, dropped everything to start teaching classes for the public.

We are a company that specializes in providing CPR training and services to the community. Our goal is to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do in these critical times of need.

Our training programs are unique, and stand out from the typical CPR classes offered by other companies. We believe that our one-on-one student mannequin ratios, high end office chairs, and personal desks provide our students with an experience that is unmatched elsewhere.

We are committed to providing the highest quality CPR training and services possible, and we look forward to helping the community in times of need.

About Us - Cardiox Care LLC,

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Cardiox Care - CPR Certifications

Cardiox Care - CPR Certifications

Cardiox Care - CPR Certifications