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How to Prepare for ACLS?

Upon enrollment, students will receive several FREE resources to help prepare for the actual course. This will include prep work such as the ACLS pretest self assessment and ACLS precourse work. You will also be able to access a copy of the ACLS 2020 algorithms (most recent) and the supplementary material.

With thorough review of this content, even for first time students, you will be much more comfortable during the megacode scenarios in class. We do our best to ensure you are comfortable with the material and necessary interventions prior to joining class.

Our trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. We take a comprehensive approach to training, focusing on the development of practical skills and knowledge that can be used to improve survival rates. Our trainers are passionate about helping you succeed, and with their expertise and guidance, our customers can be confident that they will gain the necessary skills and understanding to effectively perform CPR.

Incredible Training Sites

Whats Different?

At Cardiox Care, we strive to find the best training locations for our customers. We offer a number of high-quality venues that provide a comfortable atmosphere, as well as all of the necessary amenities and equipment.

Our selection process ensures that each location is suitable and up to our standards, ensuring a positive experience for all participants. With the convenience and cost savings of booking through us, customers will have more time to focus on their training. We believe that having great training locations can make all the difference in providing successful learning experiences.

We are continually searching for new training sites to open so you can have access to a nearby, convenient location that you’ll enjoy returning to every 2 years when you need to renew. Feel free to search “Cardiox Care” online and see what others experiences are in our facilities.

No Corners Cut!

Taking ACLS for the first time?

ACLS or Advanced cardiovascular life support can seem intimidating, however; you must remember that it is also incredibly advantageous to have for prospective employers during your healthcare career. An ACLS certification will indicate that you are capable of the skills needed to handle cardiovascular resuscitation efforts and apply advanced reasoning and interventions, giving the patient the best chance of survival. 

Our ACLS team commits to every student to ensure they are provided the necessary prep materials through our resources page. Our experienced instructors are ready to guide you through megacode scenarios and ensure you have a good understanding of how to implement the ACLS algorithms in practice.

ACLS classes are a learning experience that will make you more proficient as a healthcare professional, by the time you show up for your ACLS certification, you will be well prepared for the megacode scenarios. 

Your Comfort Matters!

ACLS Recertification

Find an ACLS Renewal Near You

American Heart Association ACLS renewals or ACLS recertification classes involve both the didactic and practical skills assessment. It will involve a wide array of material such as pharmacology, algorithms, EKG’s, team dynamics, and management of the patients airway.

You have two options with an ACLS renewal, you may either take the heartcode and then find an ACLS class to perform the skills assessment or complete everything with an instructor. When you are ready to renew your ACLS recertification, go online and search “ACLS renewal near me” and find Cardiox Care’s training sites as we have several near you.

Please know the course and content may be challenging for some, ensure to take the assignments found on our resources page to prepare you for class. This may or may not include the ACLS pretest, precourse work, or study of the ACLS algorithms. Ensuring the requirements of an ACLS renewal are met, ensure to always try to enroll about a month prior to when the recertification is needed. This will ultimately help improve patient outcomes and save lives! Call us today to find an ACLS recertification course near you.


Invite Your Friends & Family!

Group Classes (4+)

Have a group of your closest friends or colleagues who want to learn from the best? We can set aside time for you and create an unforgettable experience! This is available in-office or at your location!

Company Classes (6+)

Certified employees are more likely to perform CPR in times of emergency. Our 1:1 student mannequin ratios will give your staff the skills they need for this task without feeling overwhelmed or underprepared.​

ACLS Certification Class Blogs

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Why is ACLS important?

Why is ACLS important?

Why is Acls important? They are a collection of methods and techniques used to treat disorders that pose an urgent threat to the patient’s life. These conditions include cardiac arrest, shock, stroke, and trauma. The various steps and strategies involved in ACLS are organized into algorithms. ACLS algorithms are standardized sets of rules that improve …

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Difference between BLS and ACLS

Difference between BLS and ACLS

Medical professionals will do anything to rescue their patients. Supportive treatments such as BLS and ACLS are offered to patients in hospitals who are suffering from heart conditions or serious traumas. The basic life support (BLS) treatment is a supportive treatment that addresses injuries and illnesses at the initial stage. This is the primary distinction …

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What are the most recent ACLS recommendations?

What are the most recent ACLS recommendations?

2020 AHA Guideline Updates The AHA has released revised guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiovascular care, which became official on October 21, 2020. For your convenience, we have provided a summary of the ACLS Academy’s reaction as well as revisions to the guidelines below. ACLS Academy – Classes updated to the 2020 AHA …

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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support emphasizes providing high-quality patient care by integrating rhythm interpretation, electrical interventions, and pharmacologic knowledge with critical thinking, problem-solving

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support emphasizes providing high-quality patient care by integrating rhythm interpretation, electrical interventions, and pharmacologic knowledge with critical thinking, problem-solving

For healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies and for personnel in emergency response

– Building on your Basic life support skills, including effective chest compressions, use of a bag-mask device, and use of an AED
– Recognition and early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest
– Recognition and early management of peri-arrest conditions such as symptomatic bradycardia
– Airway management
– Related pharmacology
– Management of ACS and stroke
– Effective communication as a member and leader of a resuscitation team

Advanced Cardiovasular life Support (ACLS) can last anywhere from 1.5-4 hours.

This does not include any prep work that is required prior to class. If you were to consider this, it can last from 5-10 hours.

The prep work required will depend on your status as a renewal or initial student and your experience / knowledge base on ACLS. 

For Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) , depending on if youre an initial or renewal. You will either need to complete the pre-test (if renewing) or both the pre-test and pre-course work (if you’re an initial).

The ACLS pre-test generally last 30 minutes with each attempt. You need a passing score of 70%.

The ACLS pre-course work can last, on average, anywhere from 4-6 hours. This is mandatory for first time students.

The statements above do not include any additional studying you feel necessary to adequately prepare for the ACLS class.


Students who need to be certified usually include healthcare professionals who either participate or direct the management of cardiac arest or other cardiovascular emergencies. Advanced cardiovascular life support or ACLS is a set of interventions for cardiac arrest, strokes, and other life threatening emergencies. It also covers the necessary skills to perform those respective interventions. This includes healthcare professionals in the ICU, ER and emergency medicine who will need an ACLS certificate for their job or unit. 

BLS or Basic Life support includes interventions for life threatening injuries, providing resuscitative efforts until they can receive full medical care at the hospital. This can be provided by anyone who has taken a BLS class including both healthcare professionals and laypersons. ACLS is an advanced course that further extends the skills of the basic training. It can be provided in a pre-hospital and hospital setting and attempts to manage cardiac and respiratory arrest, arrhythmias, and strokes. 

ACLS certifications need to be renewed every other year or bi-annually. This is well known as an ACLS recertification or ACLS renewal class. These classes help ensure healthcare professionals are up to date on all the latest research in emergency care.

The skills needed to pass the ACLS class include the following – profecient BLS skills, recognizing and initiating early management for peri-arrest conditions, cardiac arrest, ACS, Stroke, and team dynamics. 

ACLS algorithms provide a detailed diagram that acts as a guide during emergencies to make accurate decisions. These include ACLS bradycardia with a pulse, ACLS Tachycardia with a pulse, ACLS Acute coronary syndromes, ACLS stroke algorithms, and finally the ACLS cardiac arrest algorithm.

While, with some organizations, they will certify you if you take the course online, with the american heart association ACLS class you will need to at least complete the hands on skills practice in person. You may also take the ACLS exam at one of our offices, search “ACLS renewal near me” to see what options are available near you.

To be familiar with the ACLS protocols, you have to be familiar with the doses of the most common medications used for ACLS which includes: amiodarone, lidocaine, atropine, epinephrine, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, and adenosine. These drugs are utilized in various ways to help restore a regular sinus rhythm, increase the patients BP, or help correct electrolyte imbalances during resuscitative attempts. 

To prepare for an ACLS certification exam, comprehensive study and practical training is required. You must be proficient in reading ECG’s, the pharmacology, bls skills, and ACLS algorithms to have a good probability of passing the exam. We will provide resources for you to study upon registration. 

H’s and T’s are reviewed during resuscitative attempts to cover potential reversible causes of the cardiac arrest. They include hypoxia, hypovolemia, hydrogen ions, hyper or hypo kalemia, and hypothermia. The T’s include toxins, thrombosis, tamponade, and a tension pneumothorax. The student being able to recognize and treat these conditions will play a crucial role in managing the resuscitation efforts. 

Defibrillation is an attempt to shock the heart in attempt to reset the heart’s rhythm back to a normal sinus rhythm. In doing so, the patent is able to achieve rosc and we are able to move to the post cardiac arrest care ACLS algorithm. We use a biphasic manual defibrillator during our practice megacodes. 

ABCDE, airway, breathing, circulation, differential diagnosis, and evaluation, this acronym is the key to recognition and performance of interventions during a cardiac arrest emergency. This ACLS assessment will be used in conjunction with the BLS assessment and skills. 

The sooner the better, stroke management in ACLS involves an immediate CT of the head to determine if it is ischemic or hemorrhagic in nature. If it is not hemorrhagic and no contraindications exists, we can begin the administration of thrombolytics. 

The most updated ACLS guidelines and algorithms can be found on our resources page, just head to the bottom of any page on our website and click “resources”. The american heart association updates its ACLS book and content for students every five years. We also update our AHA ACLS material every 5 years respectively. 

Practice! We will provide a youtube channel that you can utilize to help in your studies. This serves great importance in practice during ACLS both in your ACLS certification class and more importantly, in practice. 

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