Group/Company Terms & Conditions

 Group/Company Terms & Conditions Agreement

Rescheduling, Cancellation & Class Policies


72 hours prior to the class start time, rescheduling is free of charge. 

Within 72-24 hours of the course start time, the respective company is subject to a 20% fee respective to the quoted price. 

Within 24 hours of the course start time, the company is subject to a 35% fee respective to the quoted price.


All reschedules prior to 1 week (168 hours) of the class start time are free of charge.

Any reschedules within the 1 week (168 hours) window of class are subject to a flat 20% fee respective to the quoted price. 


If notified prior to 72 hours of the class start time, a refund may be issued with the exclusion of processing fees (10% of quoted price). 

Within 72 hours, the class payment is non-refundable but you may reschedule in respect to the policies above. 


No refunds are given. This consists of no prior notification through text, call, or email of your absence at least 1 hour prior to the class start time.


Arrival 30 minutes post-class start time, we may ask you to reschedule and the respective rescheduling fees will apply. We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early. 


Our personnel will consistently ensure punctual arrival to facilitate an exceptional experience for your organization, typically allowing an additional 15-30 minutes to pinpoint the precise location for the session.

Should your team be unprepared at the scheduled start time, it will encroach upon the allotted training duration. In instances where commencement is significantly delayed (30+ minutes), necessitating an extension beyond the planned end time, the additional duration will be prorated against the course fees.

In the unlikely event that our staff members are delayed or a rescheduling becomes necessary, we will adhere to the aforementioned policies, applying discounts to the course fees in accordance with our company’s specific guidelines.



We are committed to addressing any concerns you may have in a fair manner; however, we also have an obligation to protect our instructors and ensure that the terms and conditions agreed upon during enrollment are upheld. 

If a false dispute is filed against the terms and conditions you have agreed to upon enrollment, a chargeback fee of $30 per transaction will be applied. We will take the necessary steps to recover this amount, and if required, the matter may be escalated to collections. 

Please be aware that we take such actions with professionalism and solely in the interest of maintaining the integrity of our services. We are happy to address any concerns you may have prior to involving a third party.


General Policies


Initials – Students who are taking the course for the first time or expired past 30 days.

Renewals – Students with an active or “Expired within 30 days” card. You must submit a copy after you register.


14 years, any minors must have their legal guardian on the premises throughout the course.


For any legal name changes for past certifications beyond 30 days, BLS is $20, CPR/FA/AED or CPR/AED is $30.ete.